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E-Quality: Quality of Life for Everyone at UMM and everywhere

E-Quality's End-of-year Picnics, May 2008 and in May 2009
Photos by Ashley

E-Quality is an organization for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, questioning, intersex ( GLBT or QLBTQIA ) students and allies of GLBT's at the University of Minnesota - Morris . Through social events, educational programs, pride activism and political awareness, we strive to end stereotyping. We work to promote an understanding of and equal rights for GLBT's and for diversity. Take a look at E-Quality's Constitution , approved by the UMM Student Services Committee in 2009

E-Quality organizes events such as National Coming Out Day , Candle light vigil march in memory of Mathew Shepard, and UMM's Annual Pride Week . E-Quality members coordinate the GLBTA Resource Center in the Student Center; the resource center contains many publications relevant to GLBT issues, including videotapes, pamphlets, books, current newspapers, and national magazines. The resource center, open to the public, is also dedicated to creating and maintaining a safe, confidential space for open dialogue and learning about issues of diverse sexuality.

For more information, please feel free to contact E-Quality via voice mail, email (to the co-chairs and the secretary) or snail mail below.
E-Quality's 2009-2010 co-chairs' email addresses are :
Emily Holstrom, holst062@morris.umn.edu and Allisen Schlick, schli091@morris.umn.edu

E-Quality's snail mail address is :

PO Box #45SC, University of Minnesota - Morris
600 E 4th St, Morris MN 56267
(320)-589-6091 (Voice mail)

Congratulations to the new co-chairs and incoming exec staff members!!!
E-Quality's Executive Staff for 2010-2011:
Co-chair: Emily Holstrom, holst062@morris.umn.edu
Co-chair: Allisen Schlick, schli091@morris.umn.edu
Secretary: To be elected , @morris.umn.edu
Treasurer: To be elected, @morris.umn.edu
Publicity Coordinator: To be elected , @morris.umn.edu
MCSA Representative: To be elected @morris.umn.edu
The paid Diva position: To be elected, @morris.umn.edu
Liaison between EQ and other GLBT groups on campus and elsewhere : Chelsea Bell, bellx333@morris.umn.edu

Faculty advisor: Jessica Larson

Upcoming Activities

Resource Center for Gender and Sexuality (RCGS)

The center is located in the basement of UMM's MSP building. Please feel free to stop by and check out the library.
Office hours at the RCGS for the Queer Resource Center are:
The DIVA is there to help you find resources and help with general questions/comments/concerns. And if you just need another quiet place to study or someone to talk to, stop by the RCGS.

Past Activities

For more information about E-Quality, please contact the executive staff members.

Cool Links to GLBT Resources

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