CSci 4657 Project 2 (60 points). Due Wednesday, April 27th at 11:59pm

Work in in groups of three or four.

Your task is to develop a web application for an online questionaire. For simplicity let us assume that the set of questions is just pulled out of the database and cannot be edited. The nubmer of questions should be 7-12. Questions are presented to users in groups. They should allow answers that are radio buttons, checkboxes, pull-down menus, or text areas. At least three different kinds must be used.

There should be at least one place where the next group of questions depends on the answer to a previous question. For instance, if the person answered that they are a current student, the next questions would be different than if they identified themselves as an alum.

Questions can be of your own design.

Answers should be validated and not accepted until problems are fixed.

People are invited to take a survey by being sent a link with a unique id number in the extended URL. These ids are stored in the database, together with real names of those surveyed. The person is allowed to submit the survey only once. However, they can stop in the middle and save, and then come back later to finish. The session should time out after 5 minutes of inactivity.

There should be a way for users to go back to previous questions and edit their answers. However, the questions that lead to different paths in the survey are not editable unless the entire survey is started from scratch.

There must be a page that displays the summary of answers to the questions. For open-ended answers there should be a link to see all answers. The summary does not correlate answers (for instance, you cannot see who answered "yes" to question 2 and "no" to question 5, but you should be able to see how many people answered "yes" or "no" to every question).

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