Lab 9 (XSLT, advanced features)

Due Friday, May 6th

Task 1, 4 points

Given the CD catalog XML file cdcatalog.xml, write an XSLT transform to display the average CD price.

Task 2, 8 points

Determine the number of CDs with the following price ranges:

Below $8
Between $8 and $8.99 (inclusive)
Between $9 and $9.99 (inclusive)
$10 and above
Specifically, write a function that takes the price limits and displays the number of elements in the node set passed as a parameter that are within those limits. You may assume that no CD costs $20 or more.

Task 3, 8 points

Display all CDs in the order that's the opposite of the original order. Hint: use recursion.

How to submit

Please send me your .xsl files, CC your partner.

CSci 4657 course.

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