CSci 4657 Lab 4. Due Wednesday, February 16 at 11:59pm

Goals of this lab:

You should work in pairs if at all possible. I recommend Ping Pong Programming: one person writes a test, the other person makes it pass and writes the next test, then the person who wrote the previous test makes it pass, and so on. Refactoring of both the tests and the code is done as needed.

Software needed

Lab tasks

(40 points)

You will be working with the following form and validation code: the form. You are given one Selenium test as a starting point.
Your task is to extend the functionality and to add validation for more conditions. All your code should be tested using Selenium IDE: write a test for every condition that you are validating, perhaps in combination with other conditions.
Specifically, you have to implement the following:

You may have more than one test per condition, or break tests down into smaller sub-tests. Give your tests meaningful names and add comments as needed. Make sure to rerun the entire test suite after every change.

The quality of your javascript code will be graded: refactor as appropriate!

What to submit.

Send me (CC your partner(s)) all your files developed for this lab.

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