CSci 4657 Lab 1. Due Friday, Jan 28 at 11:59pm

Goals of this lab:

You may work alone or in pairs.

Helpful links

Open the validators in separate tabs and use them to check your page.

Tasks for the lab:

Create an XHTML-valid page formatted with an external CSS file. Use basic CSS1/CSS2 features. Do not use CSS positioning. You may try CSS3 features; mark them clearly with comments and mention which common browsers they may not be working in (if any).

The subject of your page can be anything you are interested in. Try to make CSS match the contents. Try to make your design appealing.

Your work must satisfy the following requirements:

  1. Your name(s) and a brief description of what this page is (with the course number), in comments.
  2. Your page must have a meaningful title.
  3. You must have at least 8 different XHTML tags (not counting html, head, title, body.
  4. You must use at least 4 different attributes (in the body of the document, not counting those used in the preamble and in the head).
  5. Your page must have at least one link, at least one table, and at least one image.
  6. Use at least one <div> and at least one <span> element
  7. Your page must pass the XHTML validation.
  8. Do not use forms or Javascript.
  9. Your page must be formatted using an external CSS file.
  10. Use at least one of each of the following selectors:
  11. You must set at least 7 different kinds of properties (color, background color, font, text properties, etc.). You may use shortcuts (such as setting width in one property).
  12. Your page must have at least one style attribute to overwrite the extrenal CSS property.
  13. Your CSS file must pass the CSS validator.
  14. If you run into problems, please write them down so that we can discuss them in class, today or on Wednesday.

When done, send me your XHTML and CSS files.

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