New Test
assertTextPresent An XHTML form
verifyTitle XHTML form
verifyTextPresent exact:What is your name? What is your favorite food? What is your favorite season? Check all that applies. Winter
Tell us about yourself This survey was: Interesting
verifyValue name Joe
verifyValue food apples
verifyNotChecked name=winter
verifyNotChecked name=spring
verifyNotChecked name=summer
verifyChecked name=survey value=interesting
verifyNotChecked name=survey value=boring
type name
type about I am the coolest!
click //input[@name='survey' and @value='boring']
click fall
click summer
click spring
click winter
click //input[@value='submit']
verifyText errors Name is a required field
verifyAttribute nameQ@style color: red;
verifyAttribute name@style *yellow*
verifyElementPresent //div[@id='errors']/br

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