XSLT Problem set

Due Wednesday, May 2.

Use the example considered in class. You need to modify the example as follows:

  1. Display all the authors of each book. The names of the authors must be separated by commas, there should not be a comma after the last author. Hint: this can be accomplished using XPath selection and a couple of XSLT elements in 4 lines of code or so.
    You might want to use a function ("template") for this task since you will need it for the last part anyway.
  2. Display the titles of books in the category 'WEB' in italics.
    Also try to use a function.
  3. Change the page so that it displays all books except those in the CHILDREN category. Hint: use !=
  4. Add another table that displays only books in the CHILDREN category, use the same formatting as for the main table. Avoid code duplication by moving formatting of authors, title, etc. into functions.

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