CSci 4657 Problem set 1. Due Monday, February 5 at 10pm

Your task is to write a web page demonstrating XHTML, CSS, and JavaScript features. If you are running into any difficulties, please post your questions on the blog.

XHTML requirements.

CSS requirements.

JavaScript requirements.

Use DOM to dynamically access and/or change the features of the page. You need to have at least 5 dynamic Javascript features in your page. Specifically,

Grading criteria

In addition to the presence and quality of the required features I will be evaluating your work based on the quality and readability of code. Make sure to add comments where necessary, clearly mark authorship of your pages, give proper credit to sources that you used, and include file names, etc. in your submission e-mail.

How to submit your page

Upload it to your account on rynite (only one person per group needs to do it, though it helps for the other person to keep a copy). Send me the file names and locations by e-mail, make sure to CC the other person in the group. Include whatever explanations are necessary for me to grade your page. Do not modify the files after submission.

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