CSci 4651 Lab 1: intro to Clojure.

Due Monday, February 29th at 11:59pm (by e-mail)

51 points

Work in pairs. Your task is to solve all of the problems in lists 1 and 2 and at least 6 problems in list 3. More would give you extra credit.
Your solutions will be graded based on correctness and on following functional style (whenever possible, using higher-order functions rather than loop/recur).
You may send me your code (clearly mark which problems it's for) or let me know your group's account name on 4Clojure.

You may run small code samples in or run it Light Table (Ctrl-shift-enter to run), or type lein repl in a terminal window to start a Clojure REPL. Light Table and leiningen (Clojure project manager) are installed in the lab.

Use for documentation and examples.

List 1 (6 points total)

You are not allowed to run the code for list 1 problems, although you may experiment with these features on other examples.

List 2 (15 points total), easy problems

List 3 (30 points total, with possible extra credit), more challenging "easy" problems

How to submit

Submit your file(s) to me by e-mail. The subject must be Problem Set N, where N is the problem set number.
See above for what you need to submit.

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