CSci 2101 Labs 6. Java linked list.

Due Monday, March 3rd at 11:59pm

Tentatively 35 points

The lab will be done in pairs.

Introduction to Eclipse (5 points)

Helpful Eclipse resources (also linked from the resources page):

Your work must be done using Eclipse. Explore Eclipse menus and options. In comments for your program briefly describe three times when you used Eclipse code generating functions, Eclipse navigation (clicking on a method or a variable), or error-fixing options. Was it convenient? Confusing?

Finishing the linked list class (30 points)

Finish methods of the linked list class that we started in class. Make sure to test your methods thoroughly, submit all your test code.

Keep your methods clear and easy to read. Choose descriptive variable names. Also make sure to comment your code. Write a brief description of each method and comment non-obvious elements of your code.

How to submit:

Send me your code (with answers to Eclipse questions). CC your group partner.

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