CSci 2101 Problem set 3.

Due Wednesday September 21st at 11:59pm

You may work individually or in pairs.

18 points

Problem 1: Random sentence generator (8 points).

Write a program that has an array of articles, an array of adjectives, an array of nouns, and an array of verbs and constructs random sentences based on the scheme
article + adjective + noun + verb
For instance, the program may randomly select an article 'My", an adjective "old", a noun "dog", and a verb "is walking", to make a sentence "My old dog is walking".
Make sure to have at a different number of elements in different arrays (for instance, you would probably have fewer articles than nouns).
Write methods as needed; avoid code repetition (if you repeat roughly the same code, make it into a method).

Problem 2: tabulating results of a two-dice roll (10 points).

Write a program that simulates 500 rolls of two six-sided dice. Create an array of integers to count how many times each sum occurs. For instance, if you get 3 on the first die and 5 on the second one, then the result is 8, and the array element that counts the number of 8s needs to be incremented. At the end print out how many times each sum occurred. In comments write your conclusions about probabilities of different sums.

How to submit

Submit the java file(s) with your testing code by e-mail to me. The subject of the message must be 2101 Problem set 3. Make sure to CC your group partner(s) if any.

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