CSci 2101 Lab 14. November 22nd.

20 points

Due Wednesday, November 23rd.

Continue working in the previous lab (AVL trees) groups.

Your goal is to:

Specific points to address

For presenting both your own solution and another group's please address the following points:

  1. Which rotations (and other operations, such as "remove") were implemented in the solution?
  2. Which methods are involved and what is the purpose of each?
  3. Is the solution correct? Give some justification of your answer based on the method code.
  4. Are the tests checking correct behavior? Are they sufficient? If you are claiming that the other group's solution is incorrect, write a test that it fails; explain.
  5. What is the efficiency of a rotation? In other words, how many nodes will the program visit in the worst case?
  6. Is the program well-organized, easy-to-read, well commented?
  7. Any suggestions on improving the program?

How to submit

Create a document on google docs with the analysis of the other group's work, in the folder that I shared with you. Keep in mind that the document will be visible to everyone in the class and to me.

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