Arrays of ints in Java (exercise)

Write a program that initializes an array of 50 integers to random numbers between 0 and 199. Write a method smooth that takes the array and replaces each element with a weighted average of itself (with weight 1/2) and its two neighbors (with weight 1/4 each). The edge cases compute the average of itself and its only neighbor with weights 1/2.
Note that the method will need another array as a temporary storage.
Also write a method disturb that sets 3 randomly chosen elements in the array to random numbers.
Write a loop that performs some number of smooth calls and one call to disturb. Use the method delay to pause between the calls. Watch "waves' created in the array.

import java.util.Random;

public class Waves {

    private static Random rand = new Random();

    public static void main(String [] args) {
	int [] numbers = new int[50];





    * The method prints its argument <code>arr</code>
    * element by element on one line, separated by commas,
    * with [ before the first element and ] after the last one 

    public static void printIntArray(int [] arr) {
	 for (int i = 0; i < arr.length; ++i) {
	    if (i != arr.length - 1)
	       System.out.print(", ");

       the method produces a time delay for the given 
       number of milliseconds
    public static void delay(int millisec) {
	try {
	    Thread.sleep(millisec); // do nothing 
	catch(InterruptedException e) {
	    System.out.println("The program has been interrupted");


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