CSci 2101 Lab 8. June 10th.

Due Monday, June 13th at 11:59pm

30 points

The lab is done in pairs. Please do not use the mergesort and quicksort code in the book for this lab.

Part 1: experimenting with type hierarchy.

Use the in-class example Please answer the following questions. Send your program with the code that you wrote to test these cases and with conclusions. Comment out code that doesn't compile. Catch exceptions for code that's throwing exceptions.

Part 2: merge sort

Finish implementing Mergesort started here. You may use the general description of mergesort on pp. 527-533, but not the code that follows. Test it thoroughly.

How to submit

Submit the java file(s) with your testing code by e-mail to me. The subject of the message must be 2101 Lab 8. Make sure to CC your group partner.

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