CSci 2101 Labs 4 and 5: assignment.

Due Monday June 6th at 11:59pm

20 points

This assignment is to be done individually.

Use the program code posted on this page. Do not modify anything on that page, send me the modified program code instead.

Part 1: fixing the bug in the program

Find and fix the problem(s) with the program. Explain what the issue was and how you fixed it. Comment out the old code and clearly mark yours with comments.

Part 2: improving the program style.

Make three improvements to the program. Examples include: changes in variable names, changes in the program structure, avoiding unnecessary operations, introducing a method, etc. Explain what you changed and why you think this is an improvement. Comment out the old code and clearly mark yours with comments.

Note that one change may require multiple places where a program code needs to be modified. For instance, a variable name change requires that it is changed everywhere the variable is used. This is still one change.

This part will be graded on the significance and appropriateness of the changes so make sure that you are not just making small changes. I will also take the quality of your explanations into account, as well as the quality of the resulting code.

How to submit:

Send me all the modified files and all your explanations (in a separate file or in the email message).

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