CSci 2101 Labs 4 and 5. Programming with Java classes.

Send me your code at the end of the lab; we might continue tomorrow

Tentatively: 60 points

Wiki page to upload your work:

The lab is done in pairs.

Part 1: finishing the Card class

Fill in the missing methods of the Card class. This will be done all together, the "Coding Dojo" style.

Part 2: figure out other classes needed for the game.

Every group proposes classes and their key methods. Then the sketch of the solution is written. This will also be done all together.

Part 3: implementing the needed classes.

Every group implements and tests their classes.

Part 4: putting it all together and final debugging.

The code is put together. Necessary final tweaking is done.

Part 5: enjoy the game!

How to submit:

The lab grade is based on in-class activities and the code sent to me at the end of the lab (or, if final, incorporated into the solution).

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