CSci 2101 Chapter 2 discussion.

Due Thursday, June 2 at 11:59pm by e-mail

Earlier submissions would be much appreciated since I'd like to read them all by the class time.

10 points

The assignment is individual.

Based on Chapter 2 in the class textbook: please write a short summary (half-page to a page) of the key points in the chapter that would be helpful for your software development approaches. This may be something that you are already doing and just would like to continue or improve on, or something that you would like to start doing.

Additionally, please write at least two questions on Ch. 2 -- something mentioned there that is not familiar to you or doesn't seem to be applicable to the programming that you have done so far.

Please be prepared to discuss these questions in class.

How to submit

Submit your answers by e-mail to me (plain text or Word or OpenOffice or pdf are all ok). The subject of the message must be Chapter 2.

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