CSci 2101 Data Structures: Lab 4

For this lab we will be using the implementation of LinkedList class that we did in class. Please copy/paste the code for,, and from this page.

Problem 1 (paper-and-pencil)

For the following program draw the memory picture at two points of the program execution: right before each of the print statement gets executed. Based on your picture, what would each of the statements print? Run the program to check your result. If they are different from what your pictures predict, correct the pictures.

public class WhatHappens {
    public static void main(String [] args) {
	Node n1 = new Node(1);
	Node n2 = new Node(2);
	Node n3 = n1;

	System.out.println( (n1.getNext()).getData() );
	n3 = new Node(3);
	System.out.println( (n2.getNext()).getData() );

Submit the two memory pictures (on paper). You don't need to submit any files for this problem.

Problem 2

In the file write a loop to count the number of nodes of the list with data value 5. Test the program, submit ALL your test results.

Problem 3

In the file write a loop to find the sum of all elements of a linked list. Test the program carefully, submit all your test cases.
This is a lab from CSci 2101 course.

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