CSci 2101 Data Structures: Lab 15

The material of this lab is optional. You may work on your problem set instead. Note that, unless your problem set is already submitted, you MUST attend the lab.

For this lab use the SecondSwing example that we used in class, as well as the following APIs:

Problem 1 (and only)

  1. Write a Swing program that creates a window with one label and one button. When the button is pressed, the program displays a randomly selected string (out of a pre-defined array of strings).
  2. Set a different color background color of the label (hint: see the JComponent API above).
  3. Modify the program so that when the user clicks the button, not only the string gets changed, but the color of the label changes as well.
  4. Add a JTextField to the application so that the user can enter a word, press "enter", and the word gets displayed on the label. Note that you would need to create another Listener class to handle the "enter" event for the text area (if you add the listener to the JTextField object, the listener will automatically call the actionPerformed method when the user presses "enter"). See Text Fields Tutorial for some guidance. If (or, more precisely, when) you get confused, ask!

This is a lab from CSci 2101 course.

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