CSci 2101 Data Structures: Lab 12

Problem 1: smallest elements in a 2D array

Write a program that initializes a two-dimensional array of integers and prints out the following: Assume that the array doesn't have any missing rows and all rows are of the same length. You may use this code to get you started.

Problem 2: a checkered pattern

An array is a "checkered pattern" if every element a[i][j] is even if i + j is even, and is odd otherwise. For instance, the following array is a checkered pattern, assuming that a[0][0] is at the left upper corner:

4 3 2 7 0
9 2 5 6 3
The following array is not:

3 4 
9 2 
Write a method

public static boolean isCheckered(int [][] arr)
which returns true if the array is a checkered pattern and false otherwise. Again, you may assume that the array is a normal n-by-m matrix, without any missing elements or other anomalities.

Extra credit, only if you have time: Write this method using only for-each loops. Please submit both versions of the method (use a different name for the new one).

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