CSci 2101 Data Structures: Lab 1

Before you start, please read A very brief introduction to Linux. Please ignore the description of scp.

Tasks marked with * are extra credit. Work on these tasks only if you are not pressed for time.

Problem 1

Copy/paste program 1 from this page into a new file (create the file using jEdit). Compile and run the program.

Problem 2

Copy/paste program 2 from this page into a new file Study the program carefully.

Problem 3 Extra credit

The program below has several compiler errors. Copy/paste the program into the appropriate java file and try to fix the errors and get the program to compile and run.

public class LabOneProbTwo {
	public static void main(String[] args) {
		Int x = 5.0
		double y = 2.4;
		y = x + 3.3;
		System.println("x = " + x + " y = " + );

This is a lab from CSci 2101 course.

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