CSci 2101 Data Structures.

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This page has a list of lab assignments. The assignments will be added as the semester progresses.

All labs take place on Thursdays 8-9:50am in Sci 2610 (so-called "the dungeon"). Labs are mandatory and make up 20% of the grade.

At the end of the lab period you must submit all the files that you have worked on. However, if you don't finish the entire assignment by the end of the lab period, you may submit an updated version at any time before midnight on Friday. Later submissions are not accepted (i.e. the last version submitted by Friday midnight will be graded).

The lab assignments must be submitted on the course Wiki Lab area. Follow the submission instructions there. Check back in a couple of days after the submission to see your grade.

Lab is a place for you to experiment with programming and to learn new concepts. Labs are expected to be very interactive: if something is not working, or you feel that you don't quite understand a concept, please ask!.

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