CSci 2101 Problem set 2. Java loops.

Due Wednesday, February 1st at 11:59pm (by e-mail)

22 points

You may write your solutions as methods, but you don't have to.

Problem 1 (7 points)

Write a program that prints a string backward in a loop.

Problem 2 (7 points)

Write a program to find the number of occurrences of a given substring in a string. Use indexOf method in a loop (what is the return value of indexOf when the substring is not found?). Print the result only once, after the loop. Show your test data.

Problem 3 (8 points)

Write a program that simulates six rolls of a six-sided die in a loop and at the end computes the average of these six rolls.

How to submit

Submit your Java file(s) to me by e-mail. The subject must be Problem Set N, where N is the problem set number.

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