CSci 1302 Foundations of Computer Science - Assignments.

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This page contains problem set assignments for the course. The assignments will be added as they become available. If you have troubles accessing PDF files, please let me know.

Ongoing assignment: Taking notes for the class

During the semester every student must take and post lecture notes for the class at least two (likely three) times. The notes will help students who had to miss a class. They are also helpful to everyone in the class since it's always good to have a record of what was in class and to see a somewhat different perspective on it. Finally, taking notes and reading those made by others helps to develop good note-taking skills. However, you should not rely on notes being posted, always take your own since your notes reflect what you consider important in a lecture.

Taking and posting notes counts as 5 points towards the problem set grade (each set, so you will earn up to 15 points). You must upload them within two days of the class to get credit. It is possible that at the end I will assign extra credit to those whose notes were considered the most helpful.

In the beginning of every class we will select two or three students as "note takers" for the day. There is a free scanner in the library to scan notes. You can also take notes on the computer if you prefer, but make sure they are clear. The notes should be uploaded to this wiki page. Clearly mark them with the date of the lecture and your name.

Problem sets

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