CSci 1302 Assignment 1.

Due Wedn., September 10th in class

When submitting a problem set, please write your name, the course number, and the assignment number. If you have collaborated with anyone on this problem set, please submit one copy and write both (or all) names. If you got help from anyone else or used any other sources of information, please acknowledge them.

Problem 1 (20 points)

For each of the following sentences please indicate whether it is an atomic (i.e. prime) proposition or complex (i.e. compound) one. Please rewrite compound propositions using the logic connectives (NOT, AND, OR, IF...THEN, and IF AND ONLY IF). For example, the sentence "Today it will rain or snow" is a compound proposition which rewrites to "Today it will rain OR today it will snow"

  1. I live and study in Morris.
  2. I go to the library to read or to relax.
  3. If it rains or snows, the party will be indoors.
  4. The bookstore is not open today.
  5. The bookstore is closed today.
  6. The swimming team consists of Mary and Jane.
  7. Mary and Jane are on the swimming team.
  8. Neither Pete nor Joe is going to the party.
  9. Some people like chocolate but other people don't.
    (Please explain your answer briefly)
  10. If you don't leave now, you will be late for the party.
  11. If there is room in the car, I will go with you.

Part 2

For propositions 1, 2, and 10 in Part 1 please show all possible values of their simple (prime) propositions and indicate when the entire proposition is true and when it is false.

Problem 2 (20 points)

Exercise 3.2 on p. 27, part 1 (a)-(d),
Exercise 3.3 on p. 30, parts 4,5,
Exercise 3.4 on p. 30.

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