CSci 1301 Project: designing a game

Total: 50 points + 10 points presentation + possible extra credit based on voting and extra features

Intermediate submission: Wednesday, November 30 at 11:59pm by e-mail

Final submission: Sunday, December 4th at 10pm by e-mail.

Presentations: Monday, December 5th and Wednesday December 7th.

As always, please include a signature and a description for each function. Functions that are not graphical also require check-expect tests.

Work in groups of 2.

Designing a small game

Your task is to design a small interactive game using the world package in Racket (i.e. the big-bang function that we have used in class). For example, you may use a "create your own adventure" approach or write a small game that tests the user's attention and reaction. The user may be interacting with the game by clicking or by mouse movements or by pressing keys or choosing options (or any combination thereof).

Your game should be simple: remember that implementing even simple features takes time. Be creative: a simple good idea is better than design that's too involved.

Requirements for a game


Programming requirements:

Grading criteria

The work will be graded based on satisfying the requirements above, the quality and level of your work (more challenging projects will get more credit); creativity and originality of your project; clarity, style, and documentation of your code; your attendance during project lab time, and the extra credit based on voting and extra features.

Each group will be presenting their game during the last week of the class. Each group will have 5-7 minutes to present their work (including answering questions) All group members must be presenting. Presentation requirements:

What to submit

See the deadlines above.

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