CSci 1301: Games

Please vote for at most three games. Voting for your own is fine. You will receive a link to a google form where you can vote.

Voting closes on Friday Dec 12 at 11:59pm. Voting for games is required, it's worth 3 points for the assignment.

  1. Brooke, Zach J.
  2. Chad, Ben G.
  3. Charles, Owen
  4. Dan, Jacob
  5. Derek, Jieying
  6. Isaac, Adam
  7. Jack, Ben S.
  8. John
  9. Kyle, Alex K.
  10. Melissa, Cody
  11. Michelle, Alex H.
  12. Richard
  13. Sean, Yejin
  14. Sophia, Emily
  15. Travis, Matt
  16. Vicki, Kara
  17. Zach L., Shawn

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