CSci 1301: Problem Set 10 (Project: Designing a game)

Total: 50 points + possible extra credit based on voting

Intermediate submission: Friday, December 3rd at 6pm by e-mail

Final submission: Tuesday, December 7th at 11:59pm by e-mail.

As always, please include a contract and a purpose for each function. Functions that are not graphical also require examples and tests.

Work in groups of 2 or 3. You may not put more than 10 hours (including in-class time) into this project.

Designing a small game

Your task is to design a small game (or a "create your own adventure" story) that gives the user choices and creates a story based on these choices. There are two forms provided for you, one that allows a user to choose an item from a drop-down menu, and another one creates a simple text form to type in input. The sample file has examples of using the forms.

Your game must have two phases: an accumulation phase in which a character acquires some items or properties that can be used later. Those might be treasures, weapons, powers - whatever is appropriate for your game. They must be stored as a list or lists. You may represent individual items as structures or strings or numbers: whatever works better with your game.

The second phase uses the items. The items may be taken off the list or transformed or their quantities reduced, i.e. the list(s) must be modified somehow.

Throughout the game you will use the canvas to tell the story. The canvas will display text and/or drawings. You don't need to draw every step of the game, but the pictures should be sufficient to illustrate key points. Be creative.

Important notes

Requirements for a game


Programming requirements:

Grading criteria

The work will be graded based on satisfying the requirements above, the quality and level of your work (more challenging projects will get more credit), creativity and originality of your project, clarity, style, and documentation of your code, your attendance during project lab time, and the extra credit based on voting.

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