CSci 1301: Problem Set 8

Due Tuesday, November 24th at 11:59pm by e-mail

As always, please include a contract, a purpose, examples, and tests for each function.

Problem 1 (4 points)

Exercise 20.2.4 parts 1, 2. Write the contracts in your e-mail message or in comments. You don't need to write the functions.

Problem 2 (6 points)

Exercise 21.1.1. Instead of (sub1 n) just write (- n 1). Make sure to write a contract for your general function.

Problem 3 (6 points)

Exercise 21.2.1 parts 1, 2, 3 only. Make sure to test your functions, submit your tests.

Below is an example of using build-list to produce the squares of the first 10 integer numbers. build-list takes a number of elements it needs to produce and a function from an integer n to the n-th element on the list, e.g. n -> square(n).

(define (square n) (* n n))

(build-list 10 square)

Problem 4 (4 points)

Exercise 21.2.3 part 3 only. UPDATE as of 2:45pm Wedn., Nov. 19th: solving this problem using the predefined filter is tricky at this point. A couple of work-arounds:

Problem 5 (5 points)

Write a function standard-dev that consumes a list of ummstudent records defined in the in-class example and computes their standard deviation according to the formula at . Use any of the predefined list functions (map, foldr, etc).

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