CSci 1301: Problem Set 5

Due: Monday, October 5 in class or by 5pm in my office (a paper copy) or at 11:59pm by e-mail

This is a paper-and-pencil problem set. You may submit it by e-mail in one of the following formats: plain text (please use .txt file name extension or write your answer directly in your e-mail message), .doc, .docx, .odt (Open Office), .rtf, .pdf. Of those, e-mail message, .txt and .pdf are preferred.

This problem set is individual. Collaboration in general terms is encouraged (for instance, working together on examples not included into the problem set), but every person must develop an independent solution to each problem below.

Please show all your intermediate work and explain the answers when required -- this is a substantial part of your grade.

Problem 1 (3 points)

Exercise 8.2.4 in Section 8.2

Problem 2 (12 points)

Exercises 8.3.1 and 8.3.2 in Section 8.3

Problem 3 (5 points)

Exercise 8.7.1 in Section 8.7. Use rules in Figure 24 at the end of the section. Note that the question is different from that in exercise 3.7.3 (on values) that we did in class.

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