CSci 1301: Lab 6

You may work in groups of 2 or 3 (preferred) or individually.

What to submit

At the end of the lab please send me and your group partner(s) all your Scheme files as e-mail attachments. My e-mail is elenam at The subject of your e-mail must be "1301 Lab 6" followed by "Final" or "Not final", depending on whether this is a final submission or you are still working on it. If you need to finish it, make sure to set up a time with your group partner(s) to finish the lab.

When to submit

Due Friday, October 23rd, at 11:59pm. If you submit the final version during the lab, you are done.

Problem 1 (10 points)

Write a function draw-stairs that draws a "staircase" of a given color. More precisely, the function has the following header:

(define (draw-stairs left-upper n width height color)

where left-upper is the position of the left-upper corner of the staircase, n is the number of steps that remain to be drawn, width is the width of one stair, height is the height of a step, and color is the color of the staircase.
Below is an example:

(draw-stairs (make-posn 10 10) 8 40 40 'green)

Problem 2: Checker board (12 points)

Write a function checker-board that takes draws an 8-by-8 checker board of two colors. More precisely, the function is defined as

(define (checker-board left-upper n side color1 color2))

Here left-upper is the position of the left-upper corner of the board, n is the number of rows that remain to be drawn, side is the side of a square, color1 is the starting color for the row, and color2 is the alternating color.

The function requires a "helper" function draw-row that draws one row of the board. Write and test the helper function first. Think of what parameters it needs (what is its base case?).

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