CSci 1301: Cartoons for Lab 4

Check out the cartoons. Nominate up to three most creative ones for extra credit and eternal fame (send me an e-mail with your nominations). You may list fewer than three, but you cannot give more than one vote for the same work. Nominating your own is fine.
Cartoons in Category 2 have either more than 8 shapes at the same time or more than ten moves total so they don't satisfy the conditions and therefore have an advantage over those in Category 1. To account for this, at most one of your nominations may be in Category 2, the other two must be in Category 1.

Congratulations to the winners! I posted the names of those who got the first, the second, and (shared) the third place.
The number of extra credit points based on the votes is posted below.

Category 1 (have the right number of simple drawings/moves):

Category 2 (have too many simple drawings and/or moves):

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