CSci 1211 Problem set 10. Due Monday, April 19th at 5pm

Project Assignment, Part 2 (30 points each person)

In this problem st you are asked to set up the graphical user interface for the battleship game. You don't need to write the event listeners (yet), but it's a good idea to keep the event listeners in mind as you are writing the code. In the end of this assignment the program should look just like the real game, but one can't play it yet.

Here are some preliminary demo classes. These classes don't have the full functionality, but give a pretty good idea about the Graphical User Interface of the game. You might want to choose different colors and fonts. Note that you don't need to implement any of the behavior (that will be done in the third part of the assignment).
Warning: the classes may produce occasional test-printing.

Your task is to re-write the Game class from the previous assignment (you amy call it differently if you prefer) to create a graphical interface for the battleship program. You may, if you'd like, create an interface which is somewhat different from the demo above. However, if you are using different components and/or layouts, please keep in mind that I might know less about them than about those used in the demo, so I might not be able to give you that much help on getting things to work.

Some helpful hints for this assignment:

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