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import java.awt.*;

// the program demonstrates various methods 
// of class String
// Unlike StringBuffer, String value doesn't change in
// memory. String  methods return a new string which can be assigned 
// to the same variable or to a different one. 

public class StringTest {

    public static void main (String [] args) throws IOException{
	// set up the program for reading data
	// Create a buffered reader
	BufferedReader in = new BufferedReader(
			new InputStreamReader(;
	// create a string variable (it doesn't refer to any object)
        String input;
	System.out.print("What's your name? ");
	input = in.readLine();
	// format the name: first letter capital, the rest lower case:

	// create the string with just the first letter:
	String first = input.substring(0,1);
	// create another string with the first letter in upper case:
	first = first.toUpperCase();

	// create the string with the rest:
	String therest = input.substring(1);
	// create a string with the lower-case version 
	// of the rest of the name:
	therest = therest.toLowerCase();

	String result = "Nice to meet you, " + first + therest;

This is an example from CSci 1211 course.

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