CSci 1101 Lab 6. Due Wednesday, April 8 at 11:59pm

Work in groups of two.

Form submission

Write a form choose_year.php that asks for a person's name (first and last as separate text fields) and a year of graduation. The year is a drop-down menu with 4 values in it (2009 through 2012). An additional option "Select a year" shows when the menu is initially displayed.

Your task it to write a page that displays the form, handles the submitted data, and displays error messages (if any). Note that all of this happens in one page! Specifically, the page should behave as follows:

Use this example as the starting point. Test your page thoroughly. Remember that php error messages can be displayed by ssh-ing to the server. However, there is no easy way to "feed" form data to a php program on the command line so all fields would be empty.

To submit

Just save the file(s) on csci1101sp09 or, if using remote access, upload them to csci1101sp09. Send me an e-mail with the URL of the files when done, do not move the files after the submission. Make sure to CC your group partner.

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