CSci 1101 Lab 5. Due Tuesday, March 31 at 11:59pm

Work in groups of two.

Rertieving data from the database

Based on the php examples in class, write and test a php program that performs the following queries. For all comments display the comment ID, the author name, and the contents.

  1. Select all comments that were posted between Jan 31 and Feb. 5.
  2. Select all comments whose author has a letter 'a' in their user name.
  3. Select all comments whose author does not have a letter 'a' in the user name (hint: use NOT).
  4. Select all posts whose user name starts with 'a' (display the post title, the post ID, and the author's name).

Display the results of all four queries in the output of your program.

To submit

Just save the two files on csci1101sp09 or, if using remote access, upload them to csci1101sp09. Send me an e-mail when done. Both group partners should be on CC list for this.

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