$post_array = array(

"display_name" => "flaigk",
"post_title" => "problem set two",
"post_date" => "2007-02-22 12:10:16",
"post_content" => "'could someone tell me how to do the first question. i can do the othe\
rs, but i have no idea how to add color in specific bands.'",
"comment_count" => "2"),
"display_name" => "carlsonr",
"post_title" => "problem set 2",
"post_date" => "2007-02-20 22:25:46",
"post_content" => "'Can someone please help me on problem set 2 on the second part?  Do w\
e need to use an \"if\" condtional for the width in this problem? thanks!

-Rachel Carlson'",
"comment_count" => "0",),
"display_name" => "Elena",
"post_title" => "",
"post_date" => "2007-02-06 21:44:35",
"post_content" => "'If you are looking for a project partner, please write a comment to t\
his  post. Don\'t forget to include the times that work for you. Make sure to check back \
frequently to see if anyone replied.'",
"comment_count" => "6"),
"display_name" => "Elena",
"post_title" => "XHTML, CSS, and the first lab",
"post_date" => "2007-01-30 10:39:38",
"post_content" => "'This is a place to ask questions and offer suggestions about the firs\
t lab and problem set.'",
"comment_count" => "2"),
"display_name" => "Elena",
"post_title" => "Welcome to Csci 1101 blog!",
"post_date" => "2007-01-15 22:14:59",
"post_content" => "'Welcome to Elena\'s Spring of 2007 Dynamic Web Programming class. In \
this class you will learn some technologies that allow online communications, such as blo\
gging and you will build your own blog. I am looking forward to a fun and educational sem\

Please feel free to introduce yourself to me and to others by replying to this post.

You may post any course-related questions or suggestions on this blog!'",
"comment_count" => "13"))

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