$comment_array = array(

"comment_author" => "bigwoodj",

"comment_date" => "2007-01-17 00:32:00",

"comment_content" => "I'm hoping by reply, you possibly meant commenting? Well, I hope so\
. And I hope this works.
I'm Jessica, though I prefered to be called \"Jess\". I'm an Art Major, but I would event\
ually like to move to a directed study major and look into graphic design. I am pretty fa\
miliar with HTML, a little less with CSS and everything else is new for me. Looking forwa\
rd to class!"
"comment_author" => "Sarah Haynes",

"comment_date" => "2007-01-17 05:34:11",

"comment_content" => "Howdy all; I'm Sarah, an English and History double major in my thi\
rd year at Morris.  I have a keen interest in design, and have been becoming increasingly\
 involved with web-based communications and industries.  I'm looking forward to all we're\
 set to learn in this course, and particularly am excited to design and build a website. \
 Should be a fun time.  :)"
"comment_author" => "flaigk",

"comment_date" => "2007-01-17 17:50:09",

"comment_content" => "hello everyone, i'm katrina flaig, but you can call me kat if you w\
ant. it really doesn't matter. i'm an archaeology and museum studies major in my first ye\
ar at morris. i'm very excited about this course and hope it will be a fun time.",
"comment_author" => "bartas",

"comment_date" => "2007-01-17 22:11:45",

"comment_content" => "hey everyone, i'm scott barta and i'm a freeshmen.  i played on the\
 football team and am playing on the baseball team this spring.  i'm taking this corse be\
cause i wanted to learn more about computers and the ways we are able to use them.  i've \
never used anything like html or all the other stuff before so its all new to me."
"comment_author" => "carlsonr",

"comment_date" => "2007-01-20 12:10:36",

"comment_content" => "Hi! My name is Rachel and I am a senior math and statistics double \
major. I am hoping that this class will give me some basic web programming knowledge, tha\
t I may possibly use in my job."
"comment_author" => "Nate Fortuna",

"comment_date" => "2007-01-21 12:09:24",

"comment_content" => "Hey there, I'm Nate.  I'm a Comp Sci major and a Stats minor (becau\
se stats minor from CSci major is all of, like, two classes).  I'm taking this class beca\
use I haven't done web design ever, and I'm a bit too lazy to take the four credit CSCI 4\
xxx level Client/Server course."
"comment_author" => "Kelsey Cook",

"comment_date" => "2007-01-22 12:57:05",

"comment_content" => "Hello, I'm Kelsey. I'm a senior biology major and I'm taking this c\
lass because I thought it would be interesting and useful. I also wanted to take some dif\
ferent things my last semester here. I tend to be very quiet, but feel free to strike up \
a conversation. I'm looking forward to feeling smarter about computers!"
"comment_author" => "Cong Bai",

"comment_date" => "2007-01-25 00:01:47",

"comment_content" => "Hi,everyone.My name is Cong Bai.I am an exchange student from Beiji\
ng Captial Normal Unviersity,China.I am a junior.My major in China is Chinese language an\
d literature.I like Chinese martial art and Chinese classical literature.In my spare time\
,I like reading and playing pingpang and piano.I am interested in computational linguisti\
cs.So I want to know more about computer science."
"comment_author" => "sullivat",

"comment_date" => "2007-01-25 22:13:30",

"comment_content" => "holler. my name is tara sullivan. also known as tweaks. i love tech\
nology, but don't no NUTTIn' bout it...im hopin to get some sweet new info to further my \
computer knowledge.  I am unsure of what im majoring in."
"comment_author" => "kausk",

"comment_date" => "2007-01-26 16:55:30",

"comment_content" => "Hello :) I am Katie Kaus, I am a freshman, and as for my major, I a\
m currently undecided.  I would eventually like to go into graphic design (possibly w/in \
the sports marketing world).  I took a web design class in highschool, and worked with so\
me HTML coding, but mostly Dream Weaver.  I don't know anything really about CSS, PHP or \
the other ones."
"comment_author" => "henrya",

"comment_date" => "2007-01-27 12:58:05",

"comment_content" => "Hi, I'm Allysse. Almost a decade ago I bought my own domain name...\
and it's been a painfully slow progression of creating a website. A few years ago my frie\
nd designed a layout for the website, and I've barely been keeping up with content. So my\
 guilty conscience said to learn how to do more with web design. www.allysse.com, and als\
o, tcgpr.petfinder.org"
"comment_author" => "thielena",

"comment_date" => "2007-02-06 01:40:46",

"comment_content" => "hey, i'm tony. i've been actively building personal HTML-based web-\
sites since 1999, and i'm looking to learn some more detailed stuff like CSS.^M
I took 1301 last semester and breezed through it, so I thought I'd venture into more onli\
ne-based code this time.
I hope this class is easy so I can worry more about my other classes."

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