CSci 1101: First php examples.

Passing input to a php program

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Examples of PHP variables and their use
Author: Elena Machkasova
Last modified: 9/24/06

Examples of PHP variables and their use
$n = $_GET["input1"];
$m = $_GET["input2"];
<h2>This page tests PHP variables</h2>

// integers and what you can do with them
$sum = $n + $m;

// variables are a part of the string that gets printed
print "$n + $m = $sum<br/>\n";

$prod = $n * $m;
$div = $n / $m;
$remainder = $n % $m;
print "$n * $m = $prod<br/>\n $n / $m = $div<br/>\n $n % $m = $remainder<br/>\n";

// changing $n:
$n = $m + 1;
// using \ to print $
print "\$n = $n<br/>\n";


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