Examples of PHP form display and handling

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Using form data to create a link
Author: Elena Machkasova
Last Modifed: 4/4/2007
$post_num = $_POST["post_num"];
$submitted = $_POST["submit"];

function showerror()
  die("Error ". mysql_errno(). " : " .mysql_error());
Using form data to display a post
<form name=\"theform\" method=\"POST\" action = \"form_page.php\">
<table style=\"border: none\">
<td>Select the post number:</td>
<select name=\"post_num\">
<option value=\"5\">5
<option value=\"7\">7
<option value=\"8\">8
<input type=\"submit\" name = \"submit\" value=\"submit\">

if (!isset($submitted) || !isset($post_num)) {
  	print $form_string;
else {
  	print "<h1>Displaying post $post_num</h1>\n";
        // connect to the server
	if (! ($connection = @mysql_connect("localhost","1101readonly","readonly")))
  		die ("connection to the database failed");

	// select a database
	if (!@mysql_select_db("1101spr07", $connection)) showerror();

	// define the query
	$q1 = "SELECT * FROM wp_posts WHERE ID = $post_num;";

	if (! ($result = @mysql_query($q1, $connection))) {

	print "<pre>";
  	while($row = @mysql_fetch_array($result,MYSQL_NUM))

    		foreach($row as $attribute)
        		print "$attribute\n";
    	print "<hr/>\n"; // added for readability
  	print "</pre>";
	// needed in some cases

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