CSci 1101 Problem set 1. Due Tuesday Feb 7th at 10pm

Your task for this problem set is to create a web page about yourself or anything that interests you and to format this page using CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). We will cover CSS in class on Tuesday, Jan. 31st. You may ignore CSS requirement until then. Don't worry if your page looks bland - the purpose of XHTML is to mark contents, formatting is done separately.

You don't have to create an elaborate page or put a lot of information on it, but the text shouldn't be sloppily written, and images and appearance of the page must be appropriate for the contents. Your page must include all the features listed below. You may include other features, and it's a good learning experience.You may get some extra credit for extra features. However, don't include more than a couple of extra things: the extra credit is at most 5%.

Unlike for the lab, the page appearance, as well as the neatness and organization of the HTML code, will be included in the grade (see the details below).

Page location

Your page should be in your public_html on rynite. Call it index.html. You may create extra folders for images. You don't need to submit anything for this assignment, but don't modify the page after the deadline. The time you uploaded the page last would be considered the submission time.

Required features (contents)

Make sure that the text on your page is coherent and syntactically and grammatically correct. Links should be easy to notice and it should be reasonably clear what they link to.

Required features (XHTML)

Required features (CSS)

Create a CSS file to format your page and link it by adding an appropriate link to your XHTML file. The CSS file should have at least the following:

Required features (code style)

Your XHTML code should be easy to read (and easy for you to work with). Here are some things that I'll be looking for:

If your code starts looking too messy, clean it up.

Required features (appearance)

It's hard to explain what a pleasant-looking page is, but use your sense of style. It may also be helpful to show a page to a few friends and see if they find is attractive.

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