Project assignment 4. Due Thursday, May 4 at 10pm.

For this part of the project you need to implement sessions and authentication. More specifically, you need to implement the following:
  1. User log in: a way for the user to log in. It may be a separate page or a form on the side of a page. Check the password against the one stored in the database. If the passwords match, display the user's name on each page to make it easier for the user to see whether they are logged in (you need sessions for that).
  2. People don't need to be logged in to read the blog, but only logged in users should be able to post and comment.
  3. When a user posts a post or a comment, their name must be filled in automatically.

Additional features

All groups of at least two people are required to implement at least one additional feature (of your choice) for the final installment. A group of three has to implement three additional features. Some ideas were given in the previous assignment. Here are more choices:
  1. Allow posts to be private ('private' is a possible value of post_status in wp_posts). Private posts should only be displayed to users who are logged in.
  2. Implement search on all posts and/or comments by a specific user.
If you have other ideas for additional features, please run them by me first to make sure that they are at the right level.

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