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$comments = array(
"2006-02-09 15:20:09",
"My name is Zach, really. 

One page I find to be particularly dynamic is the webpage of an online
group - \"\". They have a great opening graphic,
an ambient noise, and the forums you are linked to are also

Another favorite page of mine (as far as wasting time online goes) is - their sidebar helps a great deal when navigating
the page.") 
"2006-02-12 14:12:53",
"Hi, my name is Drew, and I'm a PSEO student from here in Morris.

One of my personal favorites is  Penny
Arcade is an online video game comic strip. The strips are hillarious
and the site has a nice design. 

Another web page I consider very well designed is It's a sight with all sorts of news for the
Arena Football League (AFL) and it's developement league Arena
Football 2 (af2). It seems cluttered at first, but the more time you
spend with it the more you realize how much information is on the page
and how well it is placed.") 
"2006-02-19 20:09:34",
"i'm alex and i think that is a very
well-designed website. it's not overly complicated, but you can easily
navigate it and most relevant information is easily presented to you. 

this one i just came across, ,
and i have to say, i like the super-simplicity of it. anyone could
navigate that.") 
"2006-02-19 20:11:57",
"i'm alex ")
"Leiah Stevermer",
"2006-02-20 22:56:31",
"A couple of well-designed websites that i've found:

<a href=\"\" rel=\"nofollow\"></a>: the
top tabs make this site easy to navigate and to quickly find what
you're looking for. the color scheme and simplicity of the layouts
really captures the whole 'apple' image, i think. 

<a href=\"\" rel=\"nofollow\"></a>: ebay is
meant to be user-friendly for many different types of people, so the
website has to be simple enough for even the most inexperienced of
users to understand. the tabs on the top make navigation easy, and the
categories are divided in a way that makes sense.") 
"2006-02-21 00:12:08",
"I'm going to try this one last time...

I am Jeff. I think that <a href=\"\"
rel=\"nofollow\"></a> is a very well-designed
website. It is relatively easy to navigate within the site, and it has
many interesting features. Another nicely designed website, in my
opinion, is CBS's official website, <a
rel=\"nofollow\"></a>. The website is fairly simple
to understand and use, and the main page has many dynamic elements.") 
"2006-02-21 18:25:36",
"I'm Sam.  Wikipedia is definitely a well-designed site.  Many of the
pages have a LOT of information on them, but the sidebars and the  s
keep things clean and orderly.  Also, many of the sections of a page
will be in a different color to set them apart from other nearby text,
but the colors are very muted so I think the effect works well. 

Another website with a similar philosophy on design is  They also have everything very neatly divided up
into sections.") 
"2006-02-21 18:28:05",
"In that last post, the 's' in 'and the s keep things clean', should
have been 'divs'.  I guess it doesn't like it when you put in any
pointy brackets.") 
"Ryan Mace",
"2006-02-22 00:35:53",
"One that I like is  They manage to get
all of their content accessible from one page, while keeping
everything well organized and dynamic.  (I can even view the page on
my PDA, which is pretty impressive for such a big site).  Their forum
system is also really dynamic.  The consistent way they place images
in their articles with CSS in their articles is also pretty cool. 

Another website would be the internet movie database at  That site is a bit more busy, but most of the
important stuff is easy to find.") 
"2006-02-23 15:06:38",
"Hi, this is Alice.

Let's see, what do I think two of the best designed websites are? 

Well the first would have to be Google news is
a great online news site, the site is basically just a gathering of
relevent news topics from many other news sites such as NYT, BBC,
etc. I like this site because it includes both foreign and local news
papers, is updated more then once daily, and is easy to navigate. 

The other site that I think is particularly well designed is in fact
my brothers blog, The design is fantastic, nice
colors and simple enough to not be annoying, and nice fonts that work
well together. He also has a great navigation menu that pops down from
the top of the page and hides when not in use.") 
"2006-02-27 22:42:22",
"Hey, Dan here, albeit a little bit late.

My two favorite sites, based on design, are and  Not only are they neat, but they're simple
and easy to navigate.  I especially like the black backround/white
text at; makes it MUCH easier on the eyes.
They're not terribley fancy, but like I said, they're easy to navigate
and clean.")); 


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