A very simple web page

Welcome to your first web page in this course! In this course you will learn:

Helpful tips

  1. You can see the HTML code of the page (it's called the source) by going to View in the browser menu and choosing Page Source.
  2. Use <p> tags to separate paragraphs. Skipping lines in the HTML source has no effect on the resulting web page.
  3. The source code of your page should look neat and organized, this way it's easier to read and to change if needed.
  4. While most modern browsers don't require compliance with HTML, W3C recommends to follow this specification.
  5. W3 schools is an excellent reference on Web languages.
  6. You can validate your HTML page using HTML validator.

General advice

It helps to take a outdoor walk while thinking about HTML. In Morris you can find some nice views:

A winter view

Here are more views:

A snowy tree A road

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