CSci 1001 Problem set 1. Due Thursday, February 12.

Written problems (12 points, due in class at 10am on Feb. 12 or by e-mail by 11:55pm on Feb. 12)

XHTML (12 points, due by e-mail by 11:55pm on Feb. 12)

Construct a web page about yourself or anything that interests you. Do not set any fonts, colors, etc. - you will format your page using CSS. Write your source code in a plain-text editor, such as NotePad or (better) jEdit. You can download jEdit from a link on the resources page. Upload your file to the XHTML validator, your page must be XHTML-compliant.
Your page must have the following:

CSS (12 points, due by e-mail by 11:55pm on Feb. 12)

Your web page will be graded based on correctness of XHTML and CSS, based on the contents (it has to be well-written and clear), and based on the appearance: colors and fonts should go well together and with the images, make sure that the text is easy to read, i.e. it's not too small and has enough contrast with the background, links should go well with the rest of the page and it should be clear which portions of the page are clickable.

How to submit

Web pages:

Send me all the files (including images) by e-mail.

Word problems:

Either submit them at the beginning of the class (printed or hand-written) or send them by e-mail. Please send only one e-mail with your entire problem set.

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