CSci 1001 Lab 1

In this lab you will write a simple web page. Mor specifically, you need to do the following:

  1. Start jEdit (in the All Programs in the folder jEdit) or NotePad (in All Programs in the folder Accessories)
  2. Open a new file. Save it on Desktop (go to Save As) as mypage.html
  3. Start writing your web page by adding the html, head, and body tags, the title, the DOCTYPE declaration, and the comment with the author's name. Open this page in another browser tab and use it as an example (go to View -> Page Source to see the html source).
  4. In the browser window open another tab, go to File -> Open File, navigate to Desktop, and open mypage.html. It doesn't have anything in it yet, but it should show the title.
  5. In yet another tab open the XHTML validator. Go to "validate by File uploading" and browse to your file. If there are any errors (other than the character encoding message), please correct the errors.
  6. One by one add the features listed below to your page. Save the file after each change, reload it in the browser and check it using the validator. When you are adding HTML elements, make sure to add the opening and closing tags first, and then put the text in between them.
    The contents of your page doesn't matter - add any random text.
    Here is the list of features that you need to add to your page:

At the end of the lab

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